Cica for Acne

Is your face constantly breaking out, and nothing can treat your acne?

Say Bye to Acne with Centella Cica! Additionally, Madecassocide Acids boosts antioxidants & strengthens the skin barrier, reducing Acne & speeding up the healing of Acne Scars!


Suffering from painful acne breakouts?

According to a study in Korea, probiotics from kombucha can decrease acne by up to 40%! 

The same probiotics metabolites can help balance both gut health & the skin barrier

Treat your Acne with T'else Kombucha Teatox Mask

Kombucha Teatox Mask
for Acne

Organic Cica Bar Soap

Struggling with Acne or Backne?

Use a natural face and body bar soap enriched with Centella Asiatica to nourish the skin. Its moisturizing properties help smooth and soften the skin too! Proven to reduce acne breakouts on the face & body