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Kombucha Teatox  Series

100% Clean & Organic

Had enough of your large pores & dull skin?

Nothing works for your sensitive skin & your BIG DAY is near?



Our founder, Jo has been struggling to find suitable skincare for her acne, eczema & sensitive skin. Hence, BasicallyJo was founded to streamline the search for skincare, and help those with sensitive skin feel confident again!

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Benefits of Kombucha

Protects against Aging Skin

Kombucha is rich in probiotics & antioxidants to protect the skin from damage due to blue light and UV rays

It also rejuvenates dull & aging skin, giving you the glow you yearn for, especially on your BIG DAY!

Psst...thank your bridesmaids for their years of sisterhood and glow up together on your special day!

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