Bye Steroids

100% Organic & Natural

Instant Itch Relief


 Grand Prize for Korea Power Brand for 7 consecutive years

100% Natural

Parabens, Steroids, Alcohol & Fragrance-Free. Safe for kids too

12 Years of R&D

Formulated with the Korean Skin Research Centre



Founded by Jo, who has been struggling with Acne & Eczema

She understands the struggles of finding skincare for sensitive skin, & hope to share products & tips that have worked for her

All products on BasicallyJo are made of clean & natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals.


Hence, you can be rest assured that you're only using the cleanest & safest products for your sensitive skin!

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Kelly Latimer

Tokyo 2021 Olympics Host

We now use your balm for maintenance and it's been great for the itch!

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Eczema Bearer

No itch the Centella Cica Balm can't fix!

Plus, it's not oily at all!


Eczema Bearer


Eczema & Acne Bearer

My eczema spots are not so red & inflamed! Omg thank you, this is just after 1 day of using the Centella Cica Balm!

I have dry & scaly skin on my shoulders, and they itch so bad. After applying the balm, the itching is goneee! I can't tell you how happy I am!

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great for acne inflammation & itch!

- Idris, Eczema & Acne Bearer

works just as well as a steroid cream!

- Melisah, Eczema Bearer

the bumps on my face are less red now!

- Kendra, Eczema & Acne Bearer

helps to ease the itchiness on rash patches!

- Judith, Eczema Bearer